Developing a Web Positioning Strategy

If your website is important to your business and you expect it to deliver business enquiries or sales you need a web positioning strategy. But web positioning isn't about tricking search engines, it's about understanding your market and making sure search engines can read your site. It's mostly common sense.

So how should you proceed? These simple steps will set you in the right direction.

  • Develop an understanding of your market
  • Understand what your market is searching for
  • Develop content that meets these needs
  • Develop a link building strategy
  • Build a search engine friendly website

Developing an understanding of your market should be something you've done anyway. A business that doesn't understand who it's selling to is going nowhere. The slight difference between traditional market research and researching for the web is the range of fantastic (free) tools available. The most important thing is don't guess.  Don't optimise your site for words you think people are using in searches. Do the work and find out what they are searching for.

Once you've got this information you can develop your site's content. Write for your users but use words and phrases they use in searches. In short use their language. You might think of yourself as a management consultant but if your potential clients are looking for a business adviser then that's what you are!

Your site will usually only rank for your chosen keywords if it's got relevant links from other sites. Links to your site give a signal to the search engines that your site is credible. Links matter.

So that's it you've done all the hard work. Now all you need to do is build the site and trust me, this is the easy bit. Developing a search engine friendly website is not hard. Using modern web development tools such as Joomla makes it even easier, they do all the hard work for you.

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