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A Day In The Life Of An Inbound Marketing Agency

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Although it's no secret, many people don't really know what an Inbound Marketing Agency does from day to day. They know it's something related to websites and generating leads, but the nuts and bolts of what that involves are still a mystery. If that sounds like you (and yes, I'm talking to you, Mum!) here's what a typical day at Red Evo Towers looks like.

Team Effort

We have a team of nine here, made up of designers, developers, programmers, strategists, SEO technicians, content specialists and marketers. Quite a few of us wear more than one hat (we're a multi-talented bunch!).

The types of project we work on include:

  • Developing bespoke web applications, online tools that help people do something, from finding a local person to carry out odd jobs to managing the strategic plan for a large organisation
  • Website design and development using traditional techniques or Growth Driven Design
  • Inbound Marketing engagements, which can run for several months or years


What's an Inbound Marketing Engagement?

The first two are fairy self-explanatory, but the Inbound Marketing part of what we do needs a little more elaboration.

If you're been reading this blog for any length of time, you'll know that we aim to attract more visitors to your website, engage them with helpful content and convert them into leads with useful offers.

In industry-speak, that translates to:

SEO work to increase visibility in the search engines and social media activity to attract more visitors to your website

Blogging and creating really useful and engaging web pages, information and videos to ensure that people view your business as a trusted adviser.

Designing compelling landing pages which lead people to take the next step on the road to becoming a customer.

Creating content for each stage of the buyer's journey to make sure they stick with your business until they are ready to make the decision to get in touch/get a quote/see a demo/have a free trial/arrange an appointment - whatever your goal is.

What Does That Look Like?

How we go about achieving that is a team effort. On a typical day you would see 

  • Julie tattie.jpgA designer creating the style, layout and imagery for a landing page and CTA (call to action) to encourage website visitors to download the e-book they have just finished.
  • Another designer creating an animated explainer video.
  • A marketer reviewing buyer personas so that they can create a content plan for the next 3 months.
  • An SEO technician researching target keywords for a new lead generation campaign.
  • A content specialist writing, editing and uploading new blog posts and scheduling tweets.
  • A developer building a new, interactive Get a Quote page.
  • A strategist delivering a workshop for a client to help them understand the best ways to increase their enquiries.

What Else?

Once they have finished all that, they might start on other jobs such as 

  • Brainstorming a new headline and messaging for a web page.
  • Setting up an automated email workflow to follow up peope who downloaded an e-book.
  • Finding suitable images for blog posts.
  • Setting up an Adwords campaign to help generate traffic quickly.
  • Carrying out on-page SEO including creating page titles, meta decriptions and internal links.
  • Designing header images for social media accounts and email newsletters.
  • Monitoring and reporting results from last month's campaign.

Now you know! It's a busy place but we enjoy what we do and we always try our best to understand our clients' objectives and use their budget in the most effective way. The kettle is always on and we make a great cup of tea, so you are welcome to come and visit and see the team in action.

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