Monday, 14 August 2017

There's Nearly Always A Cheaper Option

money money moneyMany things in life come down to price. For products it's an obvious thing to look for the cheapest price for a specific item, after all, an iPhone 7 is an iPhone 7. It's not the same when purchasing services, but I think many people treat it that way. Agency A will get me leads from my website for £1000 per month, Agency B wants £3000 per month, I'll go with Agency A!

Now, it could be that Agency A will be the bee's knees and nail it for you while Agency B is just a bunch of chancers, but basing your decision on price alone is far from ideal. It's much better to get to know the agency and make a choice on much more than the pounds, shillings and pence.

It's Going To Get Intimate

When it comes to using the web profitably, you have two choices, hire people and create your own team or find a partner, a web based lead generation or inbound marketing agency. I reckon hiring your own team, and by that, I mean adding them as permanent staff, will cost about £100k per annum, probably more. Creating a powerful web based marketing tool is not cheap, it's a big undertaking however you carve it up. Don't let anyone, and there are plenty who will tell you it's quick, easy or inexpensive.

intimateAssuming you choose to work with an inbound agency you need to get to know them before making a final decision. The reason is, you will only get great value from them if you exercise full disclosure, they need to get under the skin of your business and you have to be prepared to get intimate and share the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Anyway, About Those Costs

We've previously gone into a lot of detail about costs. Our last post outlined what it would cost to build a website by hiring contractors, quite an eye opener in our humble opinion. If we did the same exercise to cover the ongoing work required to build an effective web based lead generation machine the initial build costs would pale into insignificance.

Why Is It So Involved?

We understand that in a perfect world, you'd build a website, it would appear at the top of Google's search results and the enquiries would come flooding in. The reality is somewhat different. Google rankings are, in theory at least, meritocratic. This means you need to build a website that deserves to rank and by definition, this means creating a website that's useful and helpful.

confusing.jpgIn fact, it's unlikely a website that isn't useful and helpful will attract links from other websites and as links are the currency of Google rankings you'll be somewhat stuck, let me explain.

Imagine there are 10 pages providing advice about how to build a website that generates leads. They all seem pretty much the same but one of the pages has been cited by other web pages, perhaps a blog post or forum discussion. Which page is going to rank at number 1? Correct, the one that's been cited, the one with the links.

Websites That Rank Are Not Cheap

So, once again back to costs. Getting inbound and lead generation right creates an incredible tool for your business. One that ensures the right people beat a path to your door, ping you their contact details and ask you to help them. Why would that be cheap? How could that be cheap?

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