Monday, 28 August 2017

Can't Be Bothered Blogging? Think Again

to lazy to blogIn our popular article on the subject of what a blog is actually for,  we covered the compelling statistics around the benefits of doing it, they are compelling. If you're using your website for lead generation, or at least you want to start the process of creating a website that attracts potential customers, start blogging. In this post, I'll outline why.

Blogs Posts Get Traffic

This chart shows the number of blog post visitors we had last month compared to our year in year average. It's not a huge number at just under 1000, but that's 1000 potential customers visiting our site last month because of our blog. You can't argue with that.

Blogging StatsGood Blog Posts Solve Problems

If you've developed your website properly, you'll have started by creating buyer personas. These will direct your content marketing efforts by detailing the issues your potential customers are trying to solve when they search in Google. Your product and services pages won't appear in search results but your blog posts might and when they appear, and hopefully, help the reader, they might contact you to provide a solution.

problemsSo in simple terms, your blog is a fantastic vehicle for showcasing your expertise in a way that's not sales orientated. It shows you know your stuff and this will lead to sales enquiries.

It Will Help Create the Authority Site You Need

Google promotes authority sites to the top of the search rankings. It measures authority using many things but the most important is the number, but more importantly the quality, of incoming links.

Links from other web pages to your web pages give Google a signal that your pages are important and trusted and this, in turn, raises their authority. Also, it's a virtuous circle because as your site gains authority it gets easier to secure Google search rankings. There much more detail about links here.

authority websiteNow, it's very unlikely anyone will link to your products and services pages. Why would they. So blogging is a great way to create non-sales content that might attract links, and you need links.

Blog Posts Keep On Giving

Last month, July 2017, our most popular blog post received 250 views. That post was written in May 2016. Over 12 months after I wrote it, it's still bringing in potential customers. How many promotional activities do that? Not many if any.

giftThe second most popular post in our blog last month, July 2017, was written in August 2015, that's two years of decent traffic and enquiries from one blog post. Blogging, done correctly, is amazing and really delivers amazing value.

So Are You Going To Blog?

Lots of people reading this will simply go "meh, I'm too busy to do this", which is fantastic news for those who decide to roll up their sleeves and start blogging like a pro. In my view, there's no compelling reason to prevaricate about blogging, no matter what line of work you're in. Lead gen or inbound marketing agencies like us blog regularly because we know it secures great search traffic and brings in customers.

hard stareIt's highly likely blogging will do the same for your business but if you're confused and would like to chat it through, book a free review session with one of our experts.

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