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Find Out Who's On Your Website, for FREE!

happyThere are many website visitor tracking tools on the market such as Lead Forensics and several others that help you identify the companies looking at your website. However, there's one company who offer this service, for FREE!

Generate Leads The Easy Way

If you've got a great inbound or digital marketing strategy you'll be attracting visitors to your website. As a digital marketing agency who live and breathe the inbound methodology we certainly have, and it brings us fantastic opportunities pretty much every day.

But what about the people who visit your website who don't reach out? They don't call, they don't fill out a form, they don't send you an email. Would it be useful to know who they are, what they looked at, how long they stuck around and how often they came back? If the answer's yes, you're in luck.

Albacross, The Free Lead Generation Tool

Albacross have built a fantastic B2B account based marketing (ABM) tool. For businesses who know who they want to target it's a great, easy to use tool. A side product of this is a database of businesses IP addresses (geek speak for something that uniquely identifies them). Because their B2B marketing tool needs this data to carry out ABM, they took the decision to use it as a loss lead and give it away as a lead generation tool.

How It Works

When someone visits your website you can find out their IP address or unique identifier, there's nothing clever in that. Most businesses use what's called a static IP address meaning it never changes. Home users often have a dynamic IP address meaning it periodically changes.


Because most businesses use static IP addresses it's possible to create a database of IP addresses and the businesses using them. This means when a visitor lands on your website it's just a simple case of grabbing their IP address, cross referencing that with an IP lookup table and Bob's your uncle, you know who's looking at your website.

Albacross's tool further enhances this basic information by adding lots of other information to the basic data. The result is a list of businesses who have visited your website along with their address, turnover, number of employees and the pages on your site they looked at. Furthermore, the tool also attempts to provide information on key people who work for the organisation.

All A Bit Big Brother?

Albacross's tool isn't doing anything sinister. It's simply bringing together publicly available information in a useful and digestible format. It's not claiming the key people it's listing are the people who were looking at your website - no tool can do that - it's just suggesting these people might be worth contacting, if it's appropriate to do so.

Ultimately this data works well with their B2B ABM tool and that's why it's free, let me explain.

It's All About The Buyer Journey

Let's say the Albacross dashboard shows you Company A have been looking at your website and they've shown an interest in a specific product or service you offer. Using the ABM tool you can create a campaign to show people from Company A a highly targeted message when they visit other websites. It's very similar to Google's Adwords retargeting. If you're not sure what Adwords is, it's Google's highly effective Pay Per Click or PPC marketing tool.


As you'll know what the person at Company A was looking at you can make this retargeting very specific and you can elect to show your messages on specific websites who partner with retargeting firms.

It's simply another tool in the modern day marketers armoury.

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