Saturday, 8 December 2018

For Great Results, Build A Relationship With Your Digital Marketing Agency

group hugWorking with a digital marketing agency should be a fantastic experience for both the agency and the company or client, but that's not always the case. Sometimes with digital marketing, the relationship with the agency goes wrong, and it's usually when the agency and the client are not on the same page.

Clearly, that's an obvious statement. A lack of understanding, not being on the same page, is an obvious thing to say, but what I really mean by that is the relationship between the agency and the client, when it comes to digital marketing, needs to be a partnership style arrangement, a true partnership.

smiling womenFor example, it's no good if the client sees the digital marketing agency as a vendor, that won't work. The reason for that is the digital marketing agency need to be given access to as much information about the business as possible. It's an intimate relationship. It's a relationship that takes time to build up. It's a relationship that depends on trust. And it's a relationship that requires a real partnership feel to it.

You need to be able to call your agency up and have honest conversations, sometimes quite robust conversations, quite frank observations, and vice versa. The agency needs to be able to speak to the client and say, "Look, the stuff you're doing? It's not working. It's wrong. I know you like it, but it's not what your clients want. It's not what your customers want. It's not what your ideal customer, your top-buyer personas, are looking for."


And you can't have a relationship like that if there is an imbalance. You can't have a relationship like that if one of the parties feels, oh I don't know, superior in some way.

Now, I get it, the client is paying the bills so calls the tunes, but the agency is also invested. Digital marketing agencies are not just about billing hours. They're not just about selling time, selling services, making money. I mean, sure. We need to make a living, but it's not just about that.

When you work in an agency, a good agency, you become invested in your client's business. You start to get under the skin of the company. You think about your client's business when you're out walking the dog, or when you're going out for a jog, or when you're playing your drums, or whatever it is you do in your spare time.

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You think about your client's businesses in much the same way as you think about your own business. It's not just, "We did this thing. Please give us some money."

So, the main reason that relationships, or rather, the main reason that client, digital marketing agency relationships don't work is when either party, for whatever reason, isn't invested. It's a kind of interesting concept in some respects because a lot of companies are more used to working with vendors, "Hey vendor, supply this thing. Hey vendor, do this thing." But with marketing agencies, it's very different, you know? It's a much deeper relationship that's required if it's going to really work.

The right digital marketing agency can help transform your business. They can help you penetrate new markets, increase market share in existing markets, in simple terms they can help you grow your business. That's not going to happen if you view them as vendors.

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