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Getting Your Head Around Video Content Marketing


Admittedly video marketing (especially viral video marketing) it is not for every business. However, as we have seen by the impact of the likes of 3's Dance Little Pony viral campaign it can generate a lot of interest and engagement with your brand. It can also be a great alternative to more traditional content marketing methods when it comes to sharing your knowledge, educating and offering information on a topic or your industry. One of the biggest mistakes made by companies when they think about 'video marketing' is to only think of viral topics instead of remembering that there are a range of styles and formats which you can use to best suit your business, your topic and the industry you are in.

From Paper To Screen: Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing is so much more than just advertising and viral videos but it is still a medium that a lot of companies shy away from, thinking that it is “not for them.” However, video content marketing can cover a massive array of topics including:

  • Demonstrations

  • Training/Instructional

  • Testimonials/Case Studies

  • Leadership, Information Sharing, Education, Webinar

  • Teaser

  • Viral

  • Storytelling (such as the evolution of a product or the business)

  • Behind the scenes

  • Video PSA (Public Service Announcement) - best for 'non profit' organisations such as charities and council/governments

Naturally not all topics will suit your business and your product/service but this list just demonstrates the wealth of opportunities and applications video marketing has and offers.

Why Is Video Content Marketing Important?

While video content marketing is a fantastic tool available to any business, many question the advantages of creating a video marketing campaign. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet after Google which gives it a dominant presence online and therefore provides a great platform on which you can build. The new features such as YouTube Ads and the ability to optimise your videos with descriptions and keywords, add in links and embed into your website and emails seamlessly means it would be silly to ignore this incredibly useful channel.

Where Do I Start?

There is a fine line to be drawn when it comes to creating a good content marketing video. You want it to be professional and engaging yet you don't have the finances or time to shell out on a big production or hire a production company. One of the major points companies forget is that they can mix up their video formats to create and maintain interest and ensure that they offer a variety in their content. With this in mind here is a list of content video formats which you could try:

  • Talking heads (probably one of the most common video formats, however, especially if you are a larger company, you need to ensure that is this good quality and doesn't look like you are doing a vlog from your bedroom.
  • Interview

  • Live webcast

  • Video powerpoint

  • Video tips series

  • Live (on camera) demo

  • Recorded demo/screencast

  • Photo montage

  • Animation

  • Sales Video

Whatever topic or format you choose when it comes to your video content marketing there are some key points you must remember. To ensure a professional finish, invest in a good camera and microphone and make sure you have good quality lighting. Plan your content, make sure that you are informative and personal but also concise, don't witter and whatever you do make sure you take the time and effort to optimise your video as much as possible with a great quality description, tags, keywords and links. Finally, don't forget to publicise your video; make sure you drive people to your video, whether you embed it on your website, send it out or drive people to it through an email or share it on your social media, don't wait for people to 'stumble upon it'. Attract their attention and tell everyone about it to ensure optimum reach.

What is Content Marketing?


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