Saturday, 8 December 2018

Gotta Love Friday Cold Callers

Video Transcript

It's the end of the week and on Friday afternoons we finish early. I tend to hang around. Get the office to myself, get stuff done, tidy up at the end of the week. The thing is on Friday afternoons I quite often find that, although I'm here working on my own getting things done the phone keeps ringing. And it's people calling up trying to sell me something.

It's 2018, nearly 2019 and people are still doing this cold call thing. I guess it works for some people, but I'm looking at our deals pipeline and talking to a company in New York. I'm talking to a company down in Blackpool here in the UK. I'm talking to a few companies in and around Aberdeen. I'm talking to a company based out in the south of France.

All week we've been fielding inquiries, all week we've been writing responses to inquiries. We've been giving people quotations for work and everything else. And not once, not once have we actually picked up the phone and cold called somebody.

We're getting fantastic inquiries coming through our website because we put the time and energy into building a website that gives people the information they're looking for and brings them in to our business.

Yet all the time when I'm trying to tidy that stuff up that phone keeps ringing. Somebody trying to flog me something. Something I'm not interested in.

It's a hugely powerful thing to create a website that generates leads. We've done it for ourselves, we do it for clients. And if you're not doing it, if you're not building a website that's a best lead generation machine you should seriously consider, consider doing it. It's great.

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