Friday, 11 December 2015

Harnessing the Silver Pound

Harnessing the Silver Pound

The number of us pensioners is set to grow exponentially over the new few years and with that growth will come a number of problems that all retailers should address. Today's pensioners often have a level of disposable income which everyone else would die for. 

However, we are a canny lot and like, nay expect, value for money but we also have a lot more knowledge of the workings of the internet than we used to. 

An internet site which doesn't have a clear pathway for us to follow will immediately put us oldies off.  The site needs to be user friendly and whilst a menu is a must for any workable site, too many choices can confuse.  Keep it simple, concise and to the point.

Here are a few things that we want to see: 

  1. Any website must be easily read and understood
  2. Top menu with a contact us in a prominent position which, when clicked on, gives us information on how to get in contact with you, not just an email address but also a phone number as we oldies like to speak to someone who can help us
  3. Initially a limited number of options within the front menu
  4. Use of drop downs within the menu which can expand into specific choices
  5. Please don't ask us to join before we can purchase anything from site, most purchasing is done on a one off basis, we don't see the need to provide our life stories to buy a pair of shoes.
  6. A payment option which is obviously secure and easy to use
  7. No hidden charges. Why must we wait until the end of the payment system to find out how much postage and what the delivery dates are likely to be?
  8. An email to confirm a sale is a must, without that added touch you are likely to be inundated with phone calls from us 

Pensioners' spending power is having a growing influence on the internet, ignore us at your peril.

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