Monday, 16 May 2016

You're Six To Nine Months Away From Inbound Marketing Success

The attract, engage, convert goal of inbound marketing is a simple concept. It's what lead generation agencies like us do for ourselves and our clients and it works, the stats are compelling.

But the thing is, from a standing start you are (generally speaking) six to nine months from the results that will lead to inbound marketing success, and that only changes when you commit to doing it. As long as you prevaricate and ponder you'll remain six to nine months out. Trust me, I've got medals for this.


Why So Long?

Good question. After all, you can set up a Google AdWords campaign and start getting traffic the same day. Not so with inbound marketing. Inbound uses a strategic approach and starts by creating a detailed strategy. This work alone can take four to six weeks to complete but without it, you'll be flushing money down the pan. Seriously, don't even think about jumping straight into tactics such as blogging and creating e-books until you've created a strategy.

Once you've created your strategy you'll then have a shed load of work to do. There will be blogs to write, e-books to create, videos to record and the list goes on. You'll be in planning and production mode and, in all likelihood, by the end of month 2 you still won't have published much content, if any, unless you're throwing a lot of resources at it.

Why Bother?

Good question. Well, think about the lead generation tactics you've used in the past and the money you've spent on them. How many of those tactics are still bringing in leads? Probably none of them. They will all, most likely, be the type of activities that worked while you were paying and stopped once you closed your wallet. That can be fine, that can work but wouldn't you prefer doing something that compounded? You know, like the interest on your savings account.

We get leads every week from content we created months or years ago. One of our most popular pages that was created in 2012 attracts over 150 visitors (sometimes more) every day, and from that valuable enquiries. Maybe we got lucky, nevertheless, the emails keep coming in without us lifting a finger or spending a penny.


So Get Cracking!

There's no time like the present to get cracking. Just like training for a marathon you're not getting fitter until you start with that short first training jog. From there lots of good stuff starts to happen, stuff that would never have happened if you hadn't started. It's like life really.

OK, Give Me One Thing To Do Now

If you don't know about SEO you'll need to learn about it as it's central to a lot of the activities you'll undertake as part of your inbound campaign. In fact SEO is probably the single hardest aspect of generating traffic and one of the main reasons it takes so long to start seeing results! Start learning SEO here then take a look at this.

But Seriously, I Know How Hard This Seems...

I really get how hard this stuff looks when you're at ground zero. You're thinking "What can I write about?", "How can I make it interesting?", "How many words are enough?" "What are people searching for?" and so on. The truth is you can either invest the time and energy to learn about it or you can pay someone to do it. Personally, with our business I outsource the stuff we can't or don't want to do. Things like accounts and payroll.

That said I'm not here to tell you to hire an agency like us, I'm just pointing out that's what we do for a living, it's what gets us up in the morning, so to speak.

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