Monday, 2 May 2016

Inbound Marketing or Lead Generation Agencies Love Their Clients

We're are a lead generation or inbound marketing agency. We exist to help clients generate interest in their businesses and what they have to offer using the web and social media. We do this with the aim of generating enquiries or leads.

The tools we employ include great web design, strategic thinking, SEO and everything in between. That's it in a nutshell. We do it because we love it and we enjoy working with clients who want to leverage the web to positively impact their bottom line.


The way we deliver the work we produce is to get to know our client's businesses, getting to know what makes them tick, what makes them remarkable and developing an understanding of their stories. We then review their marketplace, their potential customers and we get to know them really well also. We develop an understanding of what our clients are offering, why they're different and the problems they solve for their clients.

We Approach The Work Using An Agile Methodology

We use an agile or iterative approach to carry out the work we do. Although agile was developed for software development it lends itself very well to inbound or lead generation projects.

This means we don't plan the work for months ahead, we break it into manageable chunks with a defined start and end. We do this because the work we do is measured and constantly provides feedback. For example, we can create a call to action or CTA on a web page and within a few days we'll know if it's resonating with visitors, and if it isn't we can change it.

Sometimes it may be weeks or a couple of months before we get back any meaningful data and so the process is slightly more drawn out, but compared to traditional lead generation it's a very much shorter time span between creation and feedback.

We Help Clients Get It

Because what we do is quite new (although some disagree) we spend quite a lot of time educating our clients. For us, it's important that the people we work with know what we do and why. We can explain in detail or at a high level but we do expect our clients to grasp what we're doing for them, we think that matters.

To be honest, educating people is something we've always done and we love doing it in much the same way someone who loves say ballroom dancing will tell you all about it given half a chance (that would be me). For example, our SEO Explained page is globally renowned!

It All Starts With A Conversation

Like all the best business relationships ours start with a conversation. In fact, inbound marketing is all about starting conversations.

The conversation is all about finding out if we're a good fit for you and you for us. After all, in business relationships involve a financial transaction and we want you to get what you need from the money you spend with us just as much as we want to profit from the relationship.

Inbound relies on this, you're not buying a commodity, you're starting something beautiful...

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