Monday, 28 November 2016

SEO - You Can Either Get Angry Or Get Even


The enquiries we get on a daily basis thanks to our targeted lead generation activities fall into one of a few categories, the most common being denial, borderlining on anger. The anger is about the lack of search engine rankings and traffic being generated and it usually goes something like this.

"We've paid a lot of money for our new website (they often haven't) and it doesn't do anything for us, no traffic, no leads, nothing. We can't understand it, it's way better than our main competitor's website (it usually isn't). Our SEO must be broken (where to start!)."

Here's the thing; however great you believe your website to be, the proof of the pudding is always in the eating. If it's not getting found in Google and it's not generating enquiries it's no good, no matter how sexy it is, no matter how much you love it. No leads, no good.

How To Generate Leads From Your Website

The title of this blog post alludes to either getting angry or getting even, and I'd advise getting even. To make sure your website isn't like most websites, that is to say a traffic and enquiry free zone, you need to tick off each of these vital activities, and this is just for starters.

  1. Know who your customers are and create buyer personas for them.
  2. Understand what they search for and the problems are they trying to solve.
  3. Understand who you’re competing against and figure out if you can compete against them.
  4. Decide what success looks like, for example, is it 10 new customers per month? Hint: Our lead generation calculator can help with this.
  5. Develop a deep understanding of what’s preventing you from securing the traffic you need to achieve success. Hint: It's probably a lack of good content.
  6. Spend time developing a strategy to get from where you are to where you need to be, and remember, a strategy covers the how, not just your airy fairy ambitions, "be the best" isn't a strategy!

What's This Got To Do With SEO?

I appreciate you may not immediately make the connection between the list above and search engine optimisation or SEO, the main subject of this post. You see that's the thing, SEO isn't something that works in isolation from everything in the list, it's an integral part of it. By knowing who your customers are you understand their problems. By understanding their problems you can figure out what they search for to solve those problems. By knowing what they search for you can find your real online competitors (Hint: It's probably those companies who already rank for the keywords you want to rank for).

You'll then understand what success looks like and you'll be able to develop a plan or strategy to achieve it. A real strategy, one that defines and acknowledges the problems and solves them.

So Are You Going To Get Even?

So what are you going to do now? Are you going to continue looking for cheap and easy solutions or are you going to roll up your sleeves and embrace the task in hand. We chose the latter and as a result get a steady flow of leads, every day of the week. How would that impact on your business?

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