Sunday, 6 December 2015

Silver Surfer or Silver Dinosaur???!!!


Many people of my generation (60 plus) find it really difficult to get a handle on the internet. When we were growing up the only way to make a purchase of any sort would have been on a face to face level. However, with the advent of the internet we have had to change our often fixed ideas of etiquette, as it is possible to buy all manner of items without moving from your seat. Unfortunately it can be very confusing for us Dinosaurs.

How To Attract Us Oldies...

To attract us oldies a website must be user friendly. If I go onto a site and can't find an easy route to where I want to go I'm afraid it is not going to work for me, patience is not my strong point. If I want to purchase something it must be easy to find and easy to purchase, any problems with the system will completely throw me. One of the areas we oldies find the most difficult is the payment system, a hiccup in the system will throw us into a frenzy because security is an area of paranoia for us. Make the payment system easily understood, and when the purchase is complete an email must be sent to the purchaser to confirm - peace of mind for us dinosaurs.

In Summary

Many people of my generation are more than happy to use the internet to make purchases and often with a higher level of disposable income we are a silly demographic to overlook as we can significantly boost your profits, so look after us!!!! Here is a quick summary of things that those from the older generations consider essential when considering buying from a business online:

  • User friendly
  • Easy to navigate (including product pages)
  • Clear payment process
  • Plenty of opportunities to check and confirm you order
  • Guarenteed safe payment methods (including systems like Paypal)
  • Plenty of filter options to refine your products
  • Non sluggish payment system (this develops a sense of insecurity and lack of trust in payment system)
  • A variety of contact details and options including phone


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