Monday, 7 December 2015

The Power Of Online Marketing Promotions


There is no denying the strength and sheer impact that a good online marketing promotion can make to any marketing campaign and to your overall final sales.

As we have just seen form the surge in things like Black Friday promotions, people are becoming less and less tolerant about the concept of not being able to get these special 'seasonal or spending boom' promotions online. Partly this might be attributed to the fact that with the economic downturn, people are finding increasing pressure from their bosses to 'give that added extra'  and work that bit more overtime or at a weekend in order to maintain their job. A large number of people have also resorted to taking second jobs to top up their annual wage intake. Naturally with these added pressures the ability to go into town centre shops is becoming more restricted. It is a social stereotype (although often a correct one) that men find the shopping experience far from enjoyable and with the increasing need for people to be juggling a million things at once it would be fair to say that some people (both male and female) find to concept of town centre shopping less desirable. 

The Impact Of Technology On Buyers Behaviour and Spending Habits

There is no denying that an increasing number of people do most of their shopping (especially things like Christmas shopping) online nowadays. This could be attributed to a whole host of reasons; however, put simply, the improvements in technology combined with our increasingly busy lives and the need to multitask have totally revolutionised how we behave as consumers. Lets face it, who has not sat multitasking while on their commute (or any other time you have had a fewspare minutes in your day) looking about online for your Christmas gifts this year. 

With this in mind it is increasingly important not only to have an online presence and buying functionality but also to make the most of more traditional marketing activities like promotions and vouchers. In this financially difficult climate it is all about setting yourself apart from your competitors. Consumers are constantly looking for that 'added extra' to attract them to buy from you, especially during spending boom periods like Christmas. Unfortunately for you, although the improvements in technology and online purchasing make the whole online buying and promotion process easier it also makes it a lot easier for your consumers to compare and contrast prices and offers. This is great for the consumer, truly giving them the power and helping them to find the products they want at the best price possible but it does put increasing pressure on companies to ensure that they stand out and get that business.

Types Of Online Marketing Promotion

There is much more to online promotions than just offering a promo or voucher code to new or returning consumers. Here is a quick list of the types of online promotions you can apply as a company:

  • Freebies/Taster Packs

  • Competitions

  • Promotional Vouchers/Codes

  • Voucher/Discount giveaways (commonly with purchase)

  • Free Shipping/Returns

  • Sales/Discount Section

  • Buy More Save More (such as by 2 get 3rd free, or lower per item price for larger orders)

  • Loyalty Points/Scheme

  • Price Match

Whatever forms of online marketing promotion you choose to utilise make sure that you can dedicate the time and effort needed to manage it properly to ensure that it is as successful as possible. Please also remember that there are a wealth of online/digital communication channels available to your business to use, from email and your website to social media so make full use of everything you have. Finally, for optimum results other considerations and activities should be considered such as; tailored landing pages, pay per click adverts and search engine marketing.

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