Wednesday, 19 July 2017

How To Be On Page One of Google

the eyesPretty much every day we get an Inbound Marketing Review request from a person who hasn't developed a sound marketing strategy for their business. They have done pretty much everything except figuring out how they are going to find customers.

They've effectively bought a shop, decorated it, filled it with amazing products at fantastic prices then opened the doors, only to realise the shop's in the middle of nowhere with no roads leading to it and no other means for anyone to find it. It's very common.

Location, Location, Location

location locationIf the High Street isn't actually dead, it is, at the very least, not in the best of health. Consumers have turned to online shopping and delivery drivers have never been busier. This is the new normal for the business to consumer or B2C world but actually, it's pretty much the same for business to business organisations. For them, there's a new high street and it's teeming with shoppers. It's a high street called Google™.

Two Choices, Pay or Pay

To secure your place on this new vast high street you've got two choices, you can pay to be there using Google Adwords™ or you can pay to be there by investing the time and effort to earn one of the 10 free prime plots available. I'm talking of course about Google's paid search platform and earned or natural organic search results. For most organisations, it's the resources for these activities that are missing from their strategic plans. In many cases, they haven't given it any thought whatsoever. Are you one of them?


We're A Startup Business

The thing I hear more than anything else is "We haven't got much money for marketing because we're a startup business". Being blunt, what they are effectively saying is, we have no money to invest in attracting customers to our new business. On the one hand, I get it, on the other, it's utterly crazy. It's like on some level they believe that having made the leap into the world of running a business, Google owes them. Reality usually hits hard.

No Marketing Budget Means DIY or Die

Using our blog we provide tons of help for businesses who have little or no marketing budget. We do it because a good inbound marketing agency practices what it preaches. By that I mean, how could we advise our clients to provide useful and helpful content around their expertise if we didn't do the same around ours.

market.jpgBut, I hear you ask, why should you create useful content when you simply want to appear in Google search results to attract new visitors to your website. Because that's what it takes in 2017 to secure your place on the new Google super high street unless of course, you're happy to use their paid search platform. You've got to create a lead generation website and you've got to have a plan of attack, usually a content based plan of attack. The good news is, if you've got the time to do it yourself, it won't cost you a penny, assuming you don't value your time!

What Are You Going To Do?

Your business needs customers. The customers you need are using Google to find suppliers. You do the math(s).

If you're confused and need a little nudge in the right direction call us, we don't bite, unless you ask nicely.

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