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Using Online Marketing for Customer Loyalty

Using Online Marketing for Customer LoyaltyWe all know the statistics, it's 7 times more expensive to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one, so it's incredibly important to hang on to your customers, keep them happy and make sure they come back again. Online marketing can help you with customer loyalty and even turn your fans into advocates. 

What's the one big advantage of existing customers? Yes, you have their email address, and the fact that they have already done business with you means that you can happily email them.

Simple ways to increase business from existing or previous customers include:


A regular email or e-newsletter to keep in touch is a very quick and easy way to ensure that you remain top of your buyers’ minds when the time comes to buy from you again. Provide useful and helpful advice and content to make your emails worth opening. There are plenty of online newsletter providers to choose from and most have free plans so that you can try them out.


You can also email your customers with special offers encouraging them to try some of your other products or services. A well timed offer can be very effective in generating sales and can make your customers feel special. Take care with offering too many discounts though. Aim for adding value (buy one, get something else as well) rather than lowering prices.

Social Media

While social media is awesome at the awareness stage, it is also very powerful when you want to build communities and encourage your customers to become your advocates. Communicate with them regularly and make them feel special by answering their questions and sharing their content. They might just do the same for you one day.

Referral Schemes

This is where you get your customers working for you. The best form of marketing is word of mouth, so ask your customers to refer you to their friends/family/colleagues. An incentive can often help them along. The more you know about your customers, the better able you are to choose an incentive that will resonate with them.

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