Friday, 22 April 2016

Can We Ask A Favour?

We hope you enjoy our blog posts and find them useful. If you do then can we please ask a small favour?

Share My Office

We've been working on a project called Share My Office. It's not a client project, it's a Red Evolution project and in a nutshell, it's a peer to peer network that helps startup businesses get out of their spare bedrooms and garages and into commercial office space, on a budget. It's working well and being used globally but in an attempt to propel it further we've entered the project into the Virgin Media VOOM 2016 Pitch. If we win we'll get a share of a £1m prize pot!

To proceed to the next level we need votes, votes from you guys and the people you know. So, to find out more and vote for us please take a look at our pitch on the VOOM website.

Thanks so much for reading this and please take a moment to vote for us.


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