Friday, 24 June 2016

Why Your Business Needs Graphs That Go Up and To The Right and Not Just a Website

With some obvious exceptions, most businesses don't need a website, they need enquiries. The thing is, strategically planned and executed website projects are AMAZING at generating enquiries or leads. In fact, for some businesses their website is all they need to generate the leads their business feeds off.

The reason I used the controversial title for this post, the whole "You Don't Need A Website" thing is because even today many businesses build a website, not a scalable, predictable lead generation machine that makes their KPI graphs go up and to the right, like ours. As a lead generation agency we're on a mission to change that and here's how.

It's Not A Website It's A Lead Generation Machine

When starting out on a website design project it's very easy to be seduced by the notion of amazing photographs, cool effects and an end product that's cooler than a polar bear eating an ice cream while sitting on an iceberg. Unfortunately, these often end up being nothing more than vanity projects, they add pretty much no value to the business.

Now, I'm not saying your website shouldn't be beautiful - of course it should, but it's better if it's beautiful and effective and if it can't be both make sure you tick the effective box before the beautiful box.

Consider A Growth Driven Design Approach

Growth Driven Design (GDD) is a great way to ensure your website project succeeds. In very simple terms GDD puts clients and their needs at the sharp end of the project, rather than the business and its products. You figure out what you think they need, deliver it, measure how effective it is and if needed adjust it in the next phase of work. The website evolves rather than having a start and a finish and it's adjusted based on success or failure.

Avoid The Tada Moment

The moment you go "tada, our website's finished!" is the moment you #fail. Now I know what you're thinking but you're wrong, this isn't a job creation scheme for web agencies. It's a fact that businesses who treat their website as a living document that's constantly improving generate more business from it than those who just ignore it. If you want your performance graphs to go up and to the right, you need to keep improving your site and growing your site and that's what GDD delivers.

So What Now?

If you're considering a website project, step back and develop a strategy first. If the site needs to generate leads, and most do, use our lead generation calculator to figure out how much traffic it needs to attract and how it's going to achieve that. Develop buyer personas, understand your client's needs, put them first, and you will win.

In many ways creating the actual site is the easy bit, which is maybe why people choose to jump straight into it. But if you want it to really work, the GDD approach is definitely worth the effort. 

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