Finding a Search Engine Optimisation Company

Finding a good SEO company can be tough. These questions might help you sort the wheat from chaff. Happy hunting!

If you need a company who can provide a reliable search engine positioning service make sure you ask them the following questions!

  •  Ask them what they do. If they mention submitting your site to search engines, run a mile! If they mention a special relationship with Google, run a mile! If they mention securing thousands of links for a fixed fee, run a mile! If they mention keyword research, PPC, Analytics and usability you might be talking to a good company.
  • Ask them what they believe to be the most important aspect of SEO. If they mention keyword research, good title elements and good relevant links, you may be talking to a good company.
  • Ask them how they would kick start a new site. If they mention Pay Per Click (PPC) they are worth talking to, if they mention buying you a load of links, run a mile!
  • Ask them how they carry out keyword research. If they mention brainstorming, seed keywords, Wordtracker, Google's free keyword tool, keyword effectiveness etc, you are in safe hands.
  • Ask them how they would secure good links to your site. If they mention buying them, run a mile. If they talk about sourcing relevant topic based links, adding your site to quality directories etc, things should be fine.
  • Ask them how long it should take to see organic results (not Pay Per Click). If they talk days and weeks, run a mile, if they talk months you are in good company.

Obviously this list isn't exhaustive but it should help you sort out the real rogues. Call us on +44 (0)1224 443551, email us or use this short form.

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