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If you're an engineering or technology company based in Aberdeen it's likely your products and services are in demand globally. The right digital marketing effort will put you in front of this global audience and help you to expand your horizons and grow your business.

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Start a conversation about your digital marketing

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Digital Marketing Aberdeen FAQ

What is meant by digital marketing?

Digital marketing describes a set of marketing tactics delivered using digital technologies such as websites and social media platforms. For example Pay Per Click of PPC is a digital marketing platform that displays contextual adverts to people searching in Google™ and the other major search engines. Digital marketing also encompasses earned techniques such as content marketing where search engine exposure is earned by creating content people are searching for. Examples of earned digital marketing include blogs, white papers and e-books.

What are examples of digital marketing?

Examples of digital marketing include Google Ads™, Facebook Ads™, LinkedIn Ads™, content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimisation. All of these digital marketing tactics attempt to persuade people to consider the business being represented when making a purchase of products and services.

What is digital marketing and how does it work?

The best digital marketing works by presenting information and messaging in the right place at the right time. For example, PPC advertising, a popular digital marketing tool, shows adverts to people searching in Google™ based on the words the person typed into the search box. Content marketing, another powerful digital marketing tactic, creates content that potential customers are searching for in the hope it appears on a search results page.

Is Digital Marketing Easy?

Yes and no. Some aspects of digital marketing are easy, such as creating a simple PPC campaign, but for the most par using digital marketing to generate enquiries is hard. It's not hard in the way quantum physics is hard, but rather it requires an inquisitive mind and a determination to understand what motivates people to engage with a brand. Some digital marketing tools make digital marketing superficially easy, getting it right is not easy.

What skills are required for digital marketing?

The skills required for success with digital marketing include an ability to analyse and understand data, creative writing skills, design skills and a degree of technical skills. Most digital marketing campaigns combine the skills of a team of people who each bring something different to the endeavour. Digital marketing managers need to understand a wide range of skills in order to manage a digital marketing team effectively.

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