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We are an ethical SEO company. This doesn't mean we are a bunch of really nice people - even though we are - it means our SEO work adheres to search engine guidelines and stays on the right side of the 'law'. We do this because ultimately it creates results that last. Find out what's wrong with your website with our FREE SEO Review

There are two approaches to search engine optimisation, sometimes called internet marketing, on-line website promotion or simply website promotion. UK companies can choose the ethical route, which means building your web presence by making your website the best it can be or the non-ethical route which means using short cuts and other tricks to get that all important search engine exposure.

The problem with non-ethical SEO is, although you may get a quick win, you could also lose it overnight and get your website banned from the Google index for 6 months or longer. In short it's not worth the risk.

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