FREE SEO Tips to Help Your Rankings

SEO can be confusing but it needn't be. Here's a FREE SEO Tips list to help your site perform better in the search engines.

  • Sort your page's TITLE ELEMENTS. These play a big part in helping the search engines to understand your page and index it for the right search terms. Every page needs a unique TITLE ELEMENT.
  • Create a great META DESCRIPTION ELEMENT for every page and make each one unique.
  • Get your URL's (page addresses) working for you. Speak to your developer about Search Engine Friendly URL's as keywords in URL's can help.
  • Do your research! Find keywords and phrases searchers are actually using. Don't guess. Google's FREE Keyword Tool is a great place to start.
  • Create GREAT content. Your users will love you, other sites will link to you.
  • Don't waste time looking for fast tracks to a high Google placing, there aren't any.
  • If you are building an e-commerce site consider creating an information rich companion site
  • Use HTML tags such as H1. Help the engines figure out your important bits!
  • Make a big mug of coffee and set to work looking for sites to request links from, inbound links are (usually) like a vote for your site. Search Engines like sites that get voted for.

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