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Inbound marketing makes sure your ideal customers find you online. It's a powerful and effective approach to business growth.

How Inbound Marketing Helps You Grow

The web and social media have changed the way people make purchasing decisions. Gone are the days of being sold to by a salesperson, we’re now in an age of easily accessible information. In fact, it’s increasingly likely that the first contact someone has with sales is to place an order!

Inbound Marketing is a methodology based on creating fantastic content that matches people’s needs as they work through a purchasing decision or buyer journey. It’s about understanding potential customers and giving them the content they need in the format they prefer at the right time.

It pulls together the full spectrum of digital marketing including SEO, web design, content creation, conversion rate optimisationpaid search or PPC and social media in a structured, strategic way.

Why Invest In Inbound Marketing?

Most businesses invest in a website but on its own, your website is not going to help you find new customers. This is where inbound marketing fits in. The inbound methodology makes sure the right people find your website, people who need your products and services.

As Hubspot™ partners and web specialists, we’re already bought into the inbound philosophy, it's how we generate most of our business. Therefore, we’re perfectly positioned to help you create and execute an inbound marketing strategy that will drive relevant buyers into your business, just like we've done for many other businesses.

Now this is working well and growing, we get qualified leads every week. This corresponds to many hours of traditional telephone or mail campaigns.” – Yann Le Guyader, MD, Master Industrie

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Inbound Marketing FAQ

How do you do inbound marketing?

You do inbound marketing by providing content on your website that your ideal customers are looking for. Your potential customers use Google™ search when they need to solve their business challenges. The inbound methodology puts your business in front of these people.

What are the fundamentals of inbound marketing?

The fundamentals of inbound are pretty simple. Your perfect customers have problems they need to solve and they use search engines when looking for solutions. It's the job of your inbound marketing agency to make sure these people find your business.

What is b2b inbound marketing?

B2B inbound marketing is the process of making sure your business gets found online so you are presented with the opportunity to do business with other business who need the products and services you provide.

Is SEO inbound marketing?

SEO is one of the tactics employed in the inbound methodology. SEO is not, on its own, inbound marketing.

Is PPC inbound marketing?

PPC or pay per click can be used as part of an inbound marketing strategy. Like SEO, it's one of the tactics that can be employed.

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