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Inbound Marketing is a strategy concentrated on creating fantastic content that matches people's needs as they work through a purchasing decision or buyer journey. It's about understanding your customers and giving them what they need when they need it.

Combined with marketing automation inbound marketing is a powerful technique for driving qualified leads into your organisation.

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Inbound Marketing is effectively at the opposite end of the scale to outbound or interruption marketing where you place advertising in front of people (think TV, Magazine, Newspaper, radio, banner advert etc) who are not actively looking for your business, products or services.

Intuitively inbound marketing just makes sense as it presents your offering at the exact time people are looking for your services. That's not to suggest outbound techniques have no part to play, they are obviously essential in some cases where the need for raising awareness is paramount, but overall we believe inbound is much more effective.

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How Can You Guys Help?

As Hubspot™ partners and content creation specialists we're already bought into the inbound and marketing automation way so we're perfectly positioned to help you create an inbound strategy to drive relevant buyers into your business including:

  • Create buyer personas so you understand who you are selling to.
  • Manage your blogging activity, web content creation, social media and SEO to help you attract customers.
  • Create offers to tempt your visitors into sharing their needs with you.
  • Measuring so you can see your ROI.

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People are now more in control of what information and marketing they receive and how they receive it. They often zone out when being sold to preferring to find what they need when they need it. Think about how annoying adverts can be when watching a good TV program.

Now think about the process you might go through when making a personal purchase, perhaps you've decided to treat yourself to a new guitar, insert something more appropriate if you like.

When you start your online research you might begin with a Google™ search like this "best electric guitars for under £500". At this stage you're only looking for advice, you're not ready to purchase. That said the websites that help you understand your choices by providing impartial help and guidance will seed themselves as a trusted resource.

You then fine tune your searches based on the initial advice you gleaned meaning you've moved a little closer to making a choice of guitar. At this stage, you might well be tempted by a relevant offer. If you click an offer and it ticks the boxes your new guitar will be on its way.

The inbound way leverages this approach to the way people make purchasing decisions by Attracting them with great content, Closing or Engaging them with offers and Converting them into customers. However it doesn't stop there.

Great inbound marketing fosters trust leading to your new customers telling others about their positive experience with your company, it's a virtuous circle.

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Return On Investment (ROI)

All of the above hopefully sounds good and has whetted your appetite for an inbound marketing/marketing automation based approach to customer acquisition in your organisation. If you're still not convinced consider this. With most forms of traditional marketing, it's hard to measure the ROI. Not so with inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing provides data for every stage of the process meaning we can quickly establish what works and what doesn't. It's a fully transparent marketing system that works.

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