Joomla! Explained in Simple Language

Joomla! is a world class open source website content management system (CMS). In simple terms using a CMS like Joomla makes running a website accessible to people who don't want to write HTML. If you can use a word processor you can use Joomla! No coding, no hassle.

What is Joomla!

Joomla! is a popular open source (free) content management system (CMS). You can learn more about Joomla! by visiting the Joomla! website. With Joomla you can run and manage your own website with the minimum of fuss. Lots of organisations use Joomla! including large businesses and governments. There's some examples here.

Why would I use Joomla!?

You would use Joomla! if you wanted to manage your own website. With Joomla! you can easily add new pages, documents for download and lots of other things.

Why is Joomla! free

Joomla! is open source software. To find out more about open source software Google it!

What connection does Red Evolution have with Joomla!?

None. We just like it and use and show other people how to use it.

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