Business Class End User Joomla Training

We've been using Joomla! since it was launched and we've been creating search engine friendly Joomla! websites ever since. We offer tailored web based training videos, one on one LogMeIn™ based screen share training and traditional classroom or office based training.

One on One Screen Share Remote Joomla Training

  • You connect to our trainers PC remotely by simply clicking a link
  • We call you on Skype or Phone
  • Our trainer guides you through Joomla, one on one

Screen Based Tailored Joomla Training Videos

  • Steps through all the tasks you need for managing your site
  • Every task has it's own short video
  • Each activity explained in plain English
  • Videos created by an experienced Joomla! user
  • Creates a permanent reference for your staff and future staff
  • Hosted on your server
  • Created using your site
  • Tailored to your needs
  • All versions of Joomla! covered

Training Testimonials

"Their approach to documentation and training, to help us get the website live, was exceptional, and we would happily recommend them." J Colin Moss. Arneil Johnston, Scotland

"Thank you for developing such a comprehensive training program in JOOMLA for such a mixed group as ours, ranging from complete neophyte to "experienced enough to be dangerous." You not only got me off to the right start and mitigated a lot of the fear associated with starting a JOOMLA site, you showed us methods that made much easier what we had tried to figure out for ourselves." Pat & Russ, San Francisco

"The Joomla training I received has been tremendously helpful. I would recommend their services to anyone who wants a good basic training on the mechanics of Joomla. By learning what was most important for me in relation to what I was trying to accomplish, I think I will have my site with its full content up and running within a few days. I give them a thumbs up". Bera Aksoy, Washington DC

Custom Joomla Training

We can work with you to develop custom Joomla! training tailored to your own website needs.  A custom session can cost as little as £55.00 plus VAT.  This can be valuable for people who already have a sound grasp of the basic Joomla! functions but would like to do more or for those who have a Joomla! website already and need specific help.

Call us on +44 (0)1224 443551, email us or use this short form.

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