Professional Tailored Joomla Training Videos

Have you ever been updating your Joomla website and simply forgotten how to do something? Frustrating isn't it. All you want to do is add a quick news story and two hours later you're still trying! NEW! Joomla Training Videos on YouTube.

Our Joomla Training Solution

We create a library of short videos so you are only a click away from your Joomla training. The library is uploaded to your server and is available 24/7. We create as many or as few training videos as you need and we can add new ones if your needs change.

Joomla Training When You Need It 

So lets say you are in the middle of adding a news article to your website and you've forgotten how to add an image. You simply click through to your Joomla Training Library, select the appropriate training video, watch it then go back to your editing and complete the task. It's as simple as that.

New Staff? No Problem! 

If 'the person who manages your website' leaves there's no expensive re-training required when you choose Red Evolution Joomla Training Videos. Our videos are so simple to follow any computer literate person will quickly become a web editing wizard.


  • Created using your website
  • Tailored to your needs
  • As many or as few Joomla training videos as you need
  • Easy to add more
  • Hosted on your server
  • Cost effective Joomla Training

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