Link Baiting May Sound Fishy But It's Far From It

Putting great and compelling content on your website will encourage other websites to link to it. The search engines see links to your site as a vote for it so links to your site improve its search engine ranking. We can show you how to do that.

  • We'll analyse your business
  • We'll look for ways your site could attract links
  • We'll develop the ideas to kick start the process
  • We'll monitor and report progress

Getting other websites to link to your site will help its search engine performance. Why? because Google's software counts a link to your site as a vote for it. Here's some more advice on link building and how to do it.

However, getting links can be a real trial. You can try asking but if there's nothing in it for the person you are asking - links from a site don't help it in the search engine positioning game - why should they.

Link baiting is the act of creating great content, useful tools and other activities that will make sites link to yours without you even asking them. It's the best and most natural way of improving your site's inbound links and therefore it's value in the eyes of Google.

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