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Most companies want their site to appear in the natural or organic search results of the major search engines. Our SEO services help them achieve that by figuring out what their customers are searching for and optimising their sites accordingly. Though we say so ourselves we're quite good at it.

When you carry out a search using Google the majority of the page is taken by the organic search results, although ads are creeping in more and more! These are results that appear on merit. On the right hand side of the page, and sometimes on the top, you will also see sponsored links or AdWords.

You can purchase a position in the sponsored adverts and if someone clicks your advert you will be charged, this is called Pay Per Click or PPC. PPC campaigns can be very effective but can also be very expensive if you get them wrong by not thinking through the process of bidding, ad writing and landing page optimisation.

Our organic SEO service will improve your placing in the organic search results. We will achieve this by ensuring your site is correctly structured and tagged, we will make sure the search engines know about it and we will make sure your content matches what your customers are looking for.

If you're interested in paid search, PPC, our paid search services will fit the bill perfectly.

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