Our SEO and Web Development Charges Explained

Red Evolution are a professional SEO and Web Development company. Our charges reflect this, and the wealth of experience and expertise we will bring to your project. If you are on a tight budget why not consider our low cost fixed price website product, the New Business Tool Kit.

Understanding Day Rates

Day rates are a contentious issue. This is usually because people don't understand how day rates are calculated. Here's a simple guide to day rates. It's also true that the web industry is full of one man bands. With none of the overheads of a company their costs will always be lower and these people represent a good alternative for  those on a limited budget. Just make sure whoever you choose is in it for the long haul and won't disappear when you most need them!

We do offer a low cost website package for organisations who do not have the budget for a project based web development. This low cost website is exceptional value for money at only £649.99. Find out why.

Are Your Costs Fixed?

We can provide fixed costs if we are provided with a FIXED scope of work. It's often the case that there are variable aspects to a project and for these items we will provide a day rate. Some aspects of a project are easy to fix such as design, training, software installs etc. Other aspects of a web project are not so easy to fix. For example, if you don't know how many pages of content you would like us to research and write for you, we can't provide a fixed cost for doing it.

So What Will My Project Cost?

At the lower end our websites cost around £5k. Most projects are in the £5-£20k price range depending on the amount of content or complexity of any programming required. SEO work varies but usually costs between £800 and £2000 a month plus a budget for any initial work required such as fixing technical issues that are preventing the site from working effectively.

But remember, we do offer a low cost fixed price alternative and our blog is full of free SEO advice about how to make sure your website gets found in the search engines.

Advice To Your Inbox

To get more great advice about generating leads from your website visit our inbound marketing and SEO blog, it's full of great actionable help and advice.

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