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Callum Macdonald


In A Nutshell

I’m Callum Macdonald and I work as a Web Developer here at Red Evolution. I am primarily a front-end developer and PHP coder, but do venture into the land of design and content now and again.


I started working at Red Evolution in June 2013, starting off as a student trainee, and have since progressed into the role I am in now. I spend most of my time converting website designs into real functioning websites and coding web applications in PHP. I also enjoy participating in discussions with the designers and expressing ideas.


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at The Robert Gordon University.

When I'm Not At Work

Travelling the country following my football team and occasionally playing a bit of football myself. In the winter months I am a snow sports enthusiast and enjoy both skiing and snowboarding. At the weekends I like going to gigs and try to attend a festival or two in the summer.

Callum Macdonald - On the slopes

The Five Questions

  • Favourite film?
    Dumb and Dumber.
  • Favourite band?
    Can’t name just one... Oasis, Stone Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Perfect meal?
    Chicken Volcano.
  • Pets?
    3 dogs.
  • Happiest when?
    At the football, cruising down a mountain on my skis or grabbing a beer with friends.

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