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Diana Hay


In A Nutshell

Hi I’m Diana, I am an out of place Norteña that likes to make all things interesting to look at and easy to read. I work as a Web Designer at Red Evolution.


Born in the States but raised in Mexico, moved to the UK in 2014, across my short life I have done numerous things from waitressing to painter (not the fun kind, the walls and houses kind) to having my 15 minutes of fame as a zombie in Resident Evil. But nothing compares to the glory of design. After finishing an exchange programme in Spain I started working as a student intern at the local newspaper, when I graduated I worked in a marketing agency for a few years until I decided to go solo as a freelancer. Since then I have worked on multiple projects for a variety of clients, these range from web design and branding for commercial organisations to wedding and event invitations.


BA in Graphic Design from CETYS Universidad.

When I'm Not at Work

I’m blogging, day dreaming, being a groupie, cooking or crafting. I enjoy listening to music, I am a rocker at heart but enjoy the occasional Taylor Swift. I love laughing so I am a big fan of Stand up comedy (live or on tv). I like to wander and explore any kinda place or get lost in books. I am happy to be in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of a big city as long as I have some sort of camera in hand (and a GPS). In the kitchen I cook for my pretend audience and I like to experiment with all sorts of ingredients but enjoy it more when there is chocolate involved. I also have a slight addiction to young adult novels and pop culture. But mostly I am just daydreaming about going to Hogwarts.

The Five Questions

  • Favourite film?
    Kiss kiss bang bang, no wait, Fight Club, no wait, all 7 of the Harry Potter ones, no wait ahhh I can’t...
  • Favourite band?
    It changes depending on my mood, but Foo Fighters and Kinky are always present. Currently obsessed with Royal Blood.
  • Perfect meal?
    Tacos al pastor from Don Pepe.
  • Pets?
    The closest thing I have to a pet is an avocado plant.
  • Happiest when?
    Interacting with furry friends.

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