In A Nutshell

There's are few things more satisfying than creating the tools that make peoples lives easier and help their organisations to thrive. I love discovering what people do and finding ways I can help them do it better.

I've been privileged to have spent nearly all my career writing software applications which, hopefully, do just that.


My IT career started back in the days when programmers were strange bearded creatures, who worked in air conditioned rooms with wardrobe sized computers.

My first job was typing program code onto punch cards for a computer company. When I was caught working out what the code was doing, I was seconded to the programming department and, apart from a few years 'career break' playing in a band, have been coding ever since.

Over the years I've worked with all sorts of organisations, large and small, in sectors ranging from hospitality to engineering, cuddly toys to financial services.

All this varied experience has taught me that technology has to work for people and not the other way round!

Pete Cawkwell - Bit of woodwork


Regrettably, I never did manage to find the time to go to college but, hopefully, my 30+ years experience says enough.

When I'm Not At Work

When I'm not wrestling with code I'm usually found in our 5 acre grounds in rural Dumfriesshire, wrestling with brambles and nettles, chopping logs for our stoves, growing fruit and vegetables and turning the surplus into wine.

My two teenage sons also keep me busy, although these days my main role seems to be a taxi driver!

If I get the chance, I love to write and record music or bang out a song on my acoustic.

Pete Cawkwell - On the acoustic

The Five Questions

  • Favourite film?
    That depends on which day you ask me! Today it's probably The Butterfly Effect.
  • Favourite band?
    Tom Waits (at least today!)
  • Perfect meal?
    Anything curried.
  • Pets?
    A faithful old golden lab called Ellie and a very large, rufty-tufty, border terrier called Max.
  • Happiest when?
    Playing my guitar by an open fire with glass of malt on a cold night.

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