We Don't Do Pay for Performance SEO, Here's Why

Confused about Search Engine Optimisation? Here's a simple idea, or so it would seem, find a company who will optimise your website but you only pay them once they achieve your aims. If this sounds like it's too good to be true it's because it is, and here's why.

We Know The SEO Industry's Got a Bad Name But This Isn't the Answer

For a while we thought about offering pay for performance SEO and indeed we took enquiries for PFP SEO projects. We don't any more because in our experience people looking for this approach are only doing it because they haven't got any money, and being brutal and honest if you can't afford to market your business your business is doomed.

But The SEO Industry is Full of Con Artists and PFP Sorts the Men from the Boys

In some ways you're right but we'd couch it differently. There are companies who claim to be SEO experts who will tell you what you want to hear. They'll say "We guarantee number 1 rankings" but we think people who believe this sort of thing nearly always deserve what they get. Ouch that's harsh isn't it! Yes, but if something sounds like it's too good to be true....etc etc.

The Only Sensible Approach

In the days of Mad Men companies hired agencies and worked with them to promote their goods and services. They built up relationships, the agencies got to really understand their clients and the arrangement delivered. This approach is also right when it comes to search marketing including organic search, paid search and social media.

Other Issues with PFP SEO

Some PFP SEO companies (not all but probably most) offer guarantees because they are using techniques that will deliver in the short term but eventually kill your website. SEO is a long game, it's about creating a site that deserves to rank and this is simply at odds when getting paid relies on rankings. We'll raise our hat to any ethical SEO companies who do everything by the book on a PFP basis, but I think they would be selling themselves short and in all likelihood it will just compound the situation you're in.

Some people might consider PFP SEO to be a way for the SEO industry to redeem itself. In reality it just gives false hope to doomed businesses.

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