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Search success is built on killer copy. Well written well-researched copy attracts an audience and generates enquiries. Do you want to attract people to your website and find new customers?

Find New Customers With Killer Copy

Find New Customers With Killer Copy

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What is an SEO copywriting strategy?

An SEO copywriting strategy researches an audience, the problems they need to solve and the questions they type into search engines when looking for solutions. Successful SEO copywriting strategies are based on the idea of 'they ask, you answer'. If your ideal customers type questions into search engines like Google™ and as a result land on your website, you've made a potential customer aware of your business.

What is an SEO strategy?

An SEO strategy is a plan that aims to attract website visitors from the major search engine in an attempt to find new customers. An important aspect of the strategy is the creation of SEO copy, copy that is written using words and phrases that match the words and phrases used by people when they carry out a search.

What is SEO web copy designed for?

SEO copy should be designed for people and presented so search engines can index it. This means certain technical rules should be observed, but not at the expense of the readers' pleasure. It's common for SEO copy to read like gibberish, it having been written in a vane glorious attempt at fooling the search engines. Don't fall into this trap, write for people, not search engines.

How can I write with SEO in mind?

The best technique for writing great copy that also packs an SEO punch is to first write for your reader, then through a process of editing weave in the words and phrases required to make it effective SEO copy. This technique will allow you to create entertaining educational copy that persuades your readers, whilst ensuring you are found in the search engines.

How do I find SEO keywords?

There are many great SEO tools, most of them only available with a subscription, to help you establish which keywords to use in your SEO copy. We love SEM Rush. However, there are also some fantastic free resources, the best one is the Google Search Console or GSC. GSC shows you what keywords your own site ranks for and by reviewing words you only rank for on page two, three or four you can quickly create a target list to work on.

Where can I get SEO keywords for free?

You can get SEO keywords for your SEO copy free of charge from Google's Search Console tool.

How do I find my competitors keywords for free?

You can find your competitors keywords for free by signing up for a free trial of a tool such as SEM Rush. Reviewing your competitors' keywords can be a fast way of creating a list of keywords to target.

How do I find top keywords?

Tools such as SEM Rush allow you to find the most popular keywords in your niche. However, finding these keywords is easy but simply using them in your SEO copy will not necessarily improve your rankings. High-value keywords are difficult to rank for because of the amount of competition.

What is a good keyword?

A good keyword can be defined as a word or phrase that is used by your ideal customers in a Google™ search. However, this can be further refined as a keyword your competitors have not discovered, meaning you should be able to secure a solid page one ranking without too much effort. Such keywords are, however, rare.

What are keywords?

Where search marketing is concerned, keywords are the words and phrases typed or spoken into a search engine search box by your ideal customers.

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