Confused About SEO? Need Some Simple SEO Advice?

It's fair to say SEO has an aura of mystery about it. Some practitioners will make out it's a devilishly difficult black art. It isn't and here's why!

What's an SEO project setting out to achieve? Simple, it needs to secure relevant traffic for your site. In essence your goal with an SEO project is to rank better in the search engines for search terms that match what you offer. If you sell wetsuits you want to appear in Google when someone types in wetsuits. How hard could that be?

So, the first thing you need to do is establish what people are searching for. Once you know this you can choose what you want to rank for. The clever thing to do is to choose words and phrases that people use, that other sites are not competing for. For example it may be very hard to rank for wetsuits because 1000's of pages are already competing for this search term, but perhaps lots of people are searching for winter wetsuits and other sites haven't twigged. Bingo, you could optimise for this phrase and quickly be on page 1!

Finally (kind of) you need links to your site from other relevant trusted sites. This area of SEO is both frustrating but at the same time can deliver spectacular results. For an in depth analysis of linking read this linking primer.

The main thing to remember about SEO is it takes time. Quick results are all but impossible. If you need quick search engine results consider Pay Per Click.

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