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Established in 2003 and based in Scotland our SEO services are used by growing businesses throughout the UK, Europe and North America. We'd love to chat about how we can help you grow your business using search engine optimisation or SEO. Site Not Appearing in Google?  Find Out Why  Click to Book A FREE Chat

SEO Scotland

Are you looking for an SEO company based in Scotland? Are you looking for a company who can improve your search rankings and the number of enquiries you get through your website without confusing you with jargon or making promises that you know are too good to be true? Then we'd love to chat.

SEO or search engine optimisation services ensure your website is attracting the right kind of visitors, visitors interested in buying what you offer. Smart companies use SEO to get more from their websites so if your website isn't delivering call us on 01224 443551.

Jargon Free SEO Services for Busy Business People

We know you're busy and we know you are confused about SEO and we are on a mission to cut through the nonsense and help you. Based in Scotland we are a globally respected and innovative SEO firm. Our plain talking no-nonsense approach to SEO cuts to the chase and ensures your website generates enquiries and makes sales.

Some Background on SEO

If you're confused about SEO our SEO explained page will help with its novel and simple overview for busy people.

If you are based in Scotland and you want to work with a Scottish SEO company who understand what it takes to succeed online, get in touch for a free no-obligation chat.

This Is An SEO Hype Free Zone

We know there's more hype surrounding SEO than most people can handle. We also understand companies in Scotland and their well known no-nonsense approach to business (well mostly), so we're not going to waste your time. We'll look at your website, your competition and your goals and we'll tell it like it is and put together a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

If you don't like what we say we won't trouble you any further, we'll even point you at other SEO companies we believe will be a better fit for your needs, because above all else we're on a mission to help SEO get the respect it deserves. That's because we know that SEO done well can transform the way a company does business. Forget all the rubbish you've heard, forget all the get rich quick stuff, SEO can drive the right traffic to your website and that's what your website was created for, to attract new business.

One of Scotland's Best

We are one of Scotland's best SEO companies.  If you want to work with a company who really want to help you become one of Scotland's best then call us on 01224 443551.


What is SEO and how it works?

SEO or search engine optimisation is the name given to activity designed to increase a web page's exposure on Google search engine results pages. It works by understanding what both people and search engines are looking for and providing it.

What is SEO in marketing?

SEO marketing is the name given to activity, often content creation, designed to increase visitors to a website from Google searches.

What is SEO in simple words?

Work that increases the amount and quality of enquiries a business receives through its website from Google searches.

How much does SEO cost?

Hiring a full-time SEO specialist will cost about £30k per annum. A good freelancer will charge around £250 per day and a good agency about £500 per day.

Why SEO is required?

Search engines rely on your content getting formatted a certain way so they can index it correctly. They also rely on automatically measuring the popularity of your content by looking at the number and quality of inbound links. Inbound links are links from other websites to your pages.

How fast does SEO work?

Sites with authority that Google trusts can see quick results from SEO unless they are trying to penetrate new competitive markets. New websites trying to get high search engine rankings in competitive niches will take much longer, perhaps months or even years.

How much should SEO cost per month?

There is no fixed amount that you should pay for SEO each month. The actual figure will depend on the scope of work and the person or team executing it. Some small businesses with low competition pay only a few hundred pounds per month, others pay tens of thousands.

Is it worth paying for SEO?

It's worth paying for SEO if you can establish that better search engine rankings are likely to generate enquiries that will grow your business.

How much do freelancers charge for SEO?

Good SEO freelancers charge around £250/day. Agency rates are around £500/day.

What are SEO tools?

SEO tools include software systems that help analyses your website data, tools that help you identify and fix technical problems and tools that help you find good keywords to rank for.

Is SEO necessary?

SEO is necessary if you want your website to create opportunities to do business with people searching in Google and the other major search engines.

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