Lug In With Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

If you were in a bar in Aberdeen and you overheard a conversation where your company name was being mentioned you'd be curious right? If your company was being praised you'd be pleased but if your company was being put down, perhaps unfairly, you'd might interject and put up a defence. Enter social media monitoring.

Social Media is Powerful But Are You Tapping Into It?

With our social media monitoring service you can relax safe in the knowledge that we are listening for mentions of your company or your competitors to allow you to join the big conversations in your area of expertise. The way you respond to your users could have a dramatic effect on the way your organisation is perceived and in the current climate can you afford not to be listening?

Listen For and Find the Conversations Worth Joining

Social media monitoring also allows us to listen for discussions about subjects you are involved in. This provides opportunities to share your expertise, grow your reputation and more importantly your business.

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