Content Marketing

Improve your bottom line

Improve Your Bottom Line

The question of what is content marketing was covered in a recent blog post which is well worth a read! Here at Red Evolution we've been creating great content for years, recognising its potential for bringing us targeted search traffic from Google™ and other search engines. But how does it work and why should you embrace it.

Let's start by saying that content marketing isn't easy, at least it's not easy to get right. Simply creating content won't transform your marketing and lead generation efforts and let's face it, you're not really creating content to get a warm glow about helping mankind, you're doing it to improve your bottom line, or at least most businesses are.

Thrive In The Internet Age

B2B lead generation has always been hard and expensive. Traditionally it's been the domain of interruption marketing services such as TV ads, magazine ads, billboards and the list goes on. Seth Godin called it the TV-industrial complex and it's worth knowing about it even though it's now dead.

For smart thinkers with a little tech savvy, content marketing opens up a whole new world of lead generation and cost effective customer acquisition and it's being driven by consumer behaviour so ignore it at your peril. For the first time in history hollow marketing messages and advertising puff are dead. People can communicate with strangers, your existing customers, research products and services in the palm of their hands and move through the buyer journey to the point of purchase without ever engaging with you.

Content marketing along with marketing automation is how you have to engage with your potential customers if you want to thrive in the Internet age. Talk to us about how we can help.

Thrive in the internet age

What is Content Marketing?

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