What Is Inbound Marketing?

Understand Your Customers

Understand Your Customers

Inbound marketing is often referred to as content marketing. The question of what is content marketing was covered in a recent blog post and it goes into some detail if you've got the time to read it. If you haven't this succinct primer will tell you all you need to know.

By establishing the problems your potential customers face, something you will understand, and providing content for them that answers their questions and helps to solve their problems you'll introduce them to your brand in a way old-fashioned marketing never did.

In short, by not selling to them you'll increase your chances of selling to them.

Build Up A Certain Level Of Trust

Confused? Well think about it. Imagine you've got a problem, you Google™ it and find some information that solves it. How might that make you think about the company or person who solved your problem? Well, the chances are it will leave you positively disposed towards them. You had a problem, they helped you, you'll think of them as good guys, people trust good guys.

Here's a simple example. Imagine you're selling your house but you've never sold a house before. You search for information about how to sell your house. Your search leads you to the website of a real estate firm where you watch a really informative video providing an overview of what you need to do to sell a house. Might you contact the firm for help? After all, they gave you the lowdown on what's involved.

A simple example maybe, but illustrative of how people who give can gain trust and potentially secure business.

Build up a certain level of trust
inbound marketing offers a better way

Inbound Marketing Offers A Better Way

Remember, in an age when most of us have access to a world of information, usually no matter where we are, it should be clear that by the time people contact you with a view to doing business they know way more about you than you do about them, and they know a lot about what they want. To get on their radar in the first place you could rely on "good" old fashioned interruption marketing (TV ads etc) but inbound marketing offers a better way.

Inbound marketing gets you onto people's radars early in the buyer journey. It gets you found when they're researching, problem-solving, investigating and generally building towards a purchase. It just makes sense.

What is Content Marketing?

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