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Monday, 06 May 2013

Your Website Is NOT The Domain Of The IT Department

The web is a communications medium and using a broad and unfair sweeping statement IT types are not eh….very good at communicating. Why then do some companies believe their website falls into the domain of the IT department?

It's Technical!

Well in some respects yes, web stuff is technical. A website sits on a server - a (usually) powerful computer tasked with delivering files and running a database. But making the connection that because the stuff running a website is technical, which it is, and therefore the website in its entirety is the domain of the IT department is wrong. It's like deciding you can only trust someone to drive if they know how to build a car.

But They Want To Do It!

Again, not really a reason to trust your businesses most powerful communications tool to these guys (I'm using guys in the generic people sense). Don't get me wrong I love geeks - I kind of am one - but they are not your marketing department or your PR firm. Neither are they known for their clear plain English descriptions of things.

OK, Who Should Do It?

Good question. Obviously hiring a professional web company makes a lot of sense, but we know how much people love to do this stuff in-house to eh…. save money, so here's an approach.

  1. Figure out who your customers are, where they hang out (social media wise), what they search for (that you offer), what devices they use to access the web (phone, laptop, tablet etc) and where they currently buy what you offer.
  2. Now look at the general market place. Who's occupying the space you want to occupy? Figure out what you can offer that will topple them in your favour, other than some words telling people how great you are, and figure out who's going to create this.


Ah, OK. Perhaps it's time to rethink your in-house strategy…..

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