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Monday, 06 May 2013

Are You Hiding From Social Media?

When I was kid I used to think if I closed my eyes, and therefore couldn't see anything, nobody else could see me either. Cute eh? Or just stupid?

Are You Hiding From Social Media?

It seems today that many businesses are adopting this approach to social media. They seem to think if they don't take part nobody will talk about them, not so. People use social media to say good things and bad things about businesses and services they've used and your business needs to lug in as part of your reputation management strategy.

It doesn't really matter if you don't like facebook (see what I did there?) or if you think twitter's for twits (and another). The bottom line is millions of others, some of whom will be your customers or potential customers, do like and use social media. Doesn't it make sense to be where your customers are?

Who Said That?

You could start with something simple like Google Alerts. Create some alerts and nice Mr Google will email you when it finds mentions of your company name, or any other word you create an Alert for. There are other paid and more sophisticated monitoring services but Alerts are a great and free starter for ten.

Join In?

It might be anathema to you, but joining in isn't hard and you might surprised by what you find. Of course you could always call us if you're really stumped, we help businesses become less shy.

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