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Monday, 06 May 2013

It's Not Enough To Just Tell People How Great You Are

Some businesses use their website to point people at, sort of "great to meet you, check out our website for some more info". If that's you then move along, there's nothing for you in this post. Most of us however hope people will find us using a search engine, if you're in this category read on.

More Than A Sales Pitch

To attract traffic to your website via a search engine you need search engine visibility, or to be less vague you need your website to appear when people search for what you offer, doh!

To do this you've got two choices, pay for a place near the top of Google using PPC, or earn a place at the top of Google using SEO.

The whole SEO thing, covered in simple terms here, requires you to be offering something on your site beyond a simple sales pitch. Rightly or wrongly Google insists, indirectly, that your site provides stuff people need. Enter content marketing (or inbound marketing or whatever the great and the good of on-line marketing are currently calling it).

Build Trust, Start A Conversation

You could argue it's mostly about building trust and starting conversations. For example, people are not going to talk about your business saying something like "I was on Red Evolution's website and they really sold to me, it was truly a great experience", but they might say "I read an article on SEO on Red Evolution's website, it was short and to the point and really helped me understand where I've been going wrong, here's a link to it".

So What Now?

We think it's worth considering what you know, or have, that people want or need. From there think about how to leverage it to your advantage, think about how you could use it to start conversations that will show your company in a positive light.

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