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Tuesday, 07 May 2013

Begging Isn't An Effective Social Media Strategy

Twitter's become pretty much mainstream with many businesses signing up and singing from the tree tops. However, their approach isn't always effective, which is fair enough to a certain extent, it's a new medium and even the "experts" are still learning. That said I see many people simply asking (or begging) for follows; not great.

The Smell Of Desperation

Begging for followers under the guise of "we need to hit 1000 followers by Friday or the sky will fall in" isn't a social media strategy. Neither is it going to establish the kind of following your business will benefit from. This whole approach smacks of desperation and demonstrates a lack of understanding of social media not to mention vision.

I Don't Understand…

There's a lot of noise in social media land. Lot's of "I've just taken the dog for a walk" and "we're amazing look at our office/workshop/van" type drivel. This stuff is fine for friends and family type tweets, not so for your business. Hint: Run a twitter account for this stuff separate to your business account.

OK, I'm Kinda Getting It

A good place to start is to create a strategy. With your strategy start by deciding you're not going to contribute to the drivel-sphere, you're going to offer something useful, interesting, something people actually want. Please please do this.

This approach will nearly always involve content creation of some description. It might be content you link to from your tweet or facebook update, or it might be content that can be communicated directly.

For example, let's say you run a garage offering cars for sale and servicing. What might you tweet about?

If I was the owner for me step 1 would be to figure what my customers need from me. OK, they buy cars from me and they come to me when their car needs a service, MOT or repair. Although they like me, it's likely they lead busy lives themselves and are not really interested in inane drivel, they want car stuff.

What if I tweeted every time I had a new car available, mmm… they might find that useful. What if I tweeted when there was availability in the garage for a service, repair or MOT? Again, might be useful, people are busy, they forget to do this stuff and the immediacy of getting it sorted right now could be appealing.

They might also be interested in car related stuff, things like changes in the law, advice on tyre selection, basic checks before a long journey, stuff to do weekly to keep a car running sweet, preparing a car for sale. You know what, there're lots of great opportunities for this guy and no excuse to simply regurgitate other people's hard work or his own inane drivel.

Up Your Game

Social media's growing up fast and it's very much part of modern life. Put some energy into it and your business could really benefit, join the drivel brigade and you're on a hiding to nothing.

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