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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How To Speed Up Your Web Design Project

So you've decided your website's not cutting it anymore and it's time for a revamp. To get things moving you've started looking for a web design company to help you and you've created a shortlist of potential suppliers. In the meantime someone in your firm's working on a specification or requirements document for getting quotes and it's all taking shape.

But is there something else you could be doing? Something that'll ensure the project runs smoothly and makes sure the website adds some value to your business? In short yes and if you're up for the challenge read on!

Hold Ups

No, it's not those kind of hold ups, I'm talking about the thing that's guaranteed to make your head hurt and hold up the go-live of your shiny new website. Based on our extensive web design experience the one thing guaranteed to drive you mad, and see your new site gathering dust while the old one continues to drive potential customers into the arms of your competitors, is content. Content's the most important aspect of your site1and it's nearly always the cause of much anguish and pain. From where we sit it's almost as if companies don't know what they do!

The Red Evolution Content Survival Kit

The trick with content is to understand what you do (if you don't then please stop reading and close your business) and just write down as much as you can.

Your chosen web development company are unlikely to complain you've got too much content, quite the opposite, we love content and we love making it work. It also helps us design the right website for you!

Don't Worry

Where content's concerned it seems prevarication is the order of the day and this might be because of concerns over writing style or quality. Don't worry about the quality of your writing or standard of English. Put yourself out there and just write down what your business is about, including the products and services it offers, in any which way you can (cue Glen Campbell). Your web experts will knock it into shape but they need something to work on. Just give it a go!

What Are You Waiting For?

So, if you're starting out with a website development or revamp start writing your content as soon as possible. Don't sweat the grammar, don't worry about the quality, don't prevaricate, JUST DO IT!

  1. The look and feel is of course important but without content you're not getting visitors and new customers.

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