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Monday, 27 May 2013

Why Is My Site Not Generating Business?

We handle web marketing enquiries on a daily basis. These come from businesses who get it but need some additional input, businesses who kinda get it but need some serious help and businesses who are utterly confused and often disenfranchised with the whole idea of generating enquiries or selling on-line.

Have You Seen Our Great Free Guides?

To help we provide plain English guides and graphical information on subjects relating to on-line marketing but it's still the case, broadly speaking, that people are confused about how Google works and why their competitors sites appear in search rankings while their own are nowhere to be seen.

For example our simple SEO guide, a comic strip approach, is worth a read if you're utterly confused and simply want the big picture. If you've got a little more time our guide to link building is also worth a read, why; because links to your site are very important, Google uses them to decide if your site's an authority.

All that said what most businesses want is a strategy for giving their website the best possible chance of ranking in Google when people search for their products and services, if that's you read on.

Where Do I Start?

The starting point is accepting that sites don't rank in Google's organic (free) listings by creating on-line adverts. That's what Google's paid search (Pay Per Click) or AdWords are for.

Step 1

Figure out what your potential clients want

For example if they're searching for someone to create their dream kitchen are they simply looking for pictures and prices or do they need help and guidance? It depends on where they are in the buying cycle so perhaps you should think about offering both. Create case studies with prices for people who are getting close to a decision along with how to guides for those just starting out.

Step 2

Figure out what people might share

The more people who share your content with others the higher your rankings in the search engines will be. It's never been easier to share content, tools such as AdThis along with facebook, twitter, Pinterest and others make it a breeze for people to share your content with their friends or networks. However, they are more likely to share something interesting and useful than a product listing or a page telling the world that in your opinion you're the best kitchen fitter in Scotland. The days of companies being able to interrupt people to state how great they are numbered, people want to be shown how great you are, not told. The only exception to this is the way people are happy for their friends to tell them how great you are. Once again, social media comes into play for this.

Step 3

Be realistic, 99.9% of people couldn't care less

Most people don't care about you or your business. They lead busy lives and will only engage with you when they need you or you do something really interesting. You need to accept this and ensure you don't waste time creating stuff that's never going to be shared. Going viral rarely happens by design for most businesses. Even big businesses have got this horribly wrong spending $$$$$ on creating something they expected to go viral only to find it wasn't funny and people didn't care.

If you create stuff that's actually useful it might get shared, it might go viral, it might generate business, that's about the best guarantee you can expect no matter what anyone else tells you.

Step 4

Don't abuse your position

Once you've started to create great stuff and people are listening make sure you keep caring and creating. It's better to have high quality output that cements your position than to start using your position to just sell. Sales will come as your new found expert/go to status consolidates, don't water that down.

What Now?

OK, the information above hasn't done the hard work for you, it's simply given you a blue print to get started. The best thing you can do now is action it, the worst is put it to one side and continue looking for shortcuts and get rich quick website ranking schemes. I know most of you will do that, good luck, so if you make the choice to earn your search engine rankings by creating something useful then you'll be in an exclusive group. Think about it, how many company websites have you seen that were actually useful?

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