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Monday, 27 May 2013

Top Of The Range Kitchens, Shocking Search Marketing

We took a call today from a bathroom and kitchen specialist who was looking for SEO services. These people are fitting top of the range German kitchens, they've got a great website full of useful info (not just pure marketing content) and they are the real deal with showrooms throughout Central Scotland. In short they're not a tin pot outfit and they've invested in their web presence, not something many in their market have done.

However, they've made one potentially fatal mistake, they've entrusted their search marketing to a bunch of cowboys, and it's a mess!

What A Shame

My first thoughts as I investigated the reasons for their fall from grace were, what a shame. Fancy investing in a great site (over 300 pages!) providing users with genuinely great and useful content then allowing this to be undone by a snake oil "SEO company". Why would you?

And before you start shouting about trusting their SEO firm and it not being their fault, enough already. If you don't care about your business enough to make sure you know what's being done in your name, on your behalf and to your brand, you've only got yourself to blame. Sorry but that's how it is.

What We Found

With the minimum of effort we found blog comment spam and article spam aplenty. Some of it looked like the work of foreign sweat shops, some of it the work of desperate misguided content marketers whose next good idea will be their first. It took us minutes to find it and I'm assuming the PhD's at Google less than that, or at least their spam sniffing software.

In short it's clear to anyone with half a brain they are trying to manipulate Google and Google don't like that, they really don't like it.

The Result

The end result is their site's now being trounced by poor sites with virtually no authority, sites that are honest and clean, and they are faced with a big clean up exercise or potentially they need to start over.

Whoever you choose to work with for your on-line marketing, work closely with them, make sure you know what they are doing and make sure you're happy with their reasons for doing what they are doing.

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