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Monday, 24 June 2013

How To Use Social Media For Recruitment

Social media has enjoyed phenomenal growth and many people now engage with friends, family and others using facebook, twitter, linkedIn and a raft of less well known platforms. As was shown with text messaging people love typing and sharing, you could even argue people are better at expressing themselves in text and pictures than with the spoken word!

One of the obvious uses for social media in a business context is as a tool for recruiting and in this article we're offering some thoughts on ideas for the effective use of social media in this way.

Use Your People!

If you make your company's job openings available on your website, and why wouldn't you, then they're easy to link to. Encourage your employees to share links to your recruitment pages using their social accounts. Of course some will and some won't but by offering a prize for any employee who helps you secure a new member of staff you might find most people will be only too happy to help out.

The viral effect of social media will also play its part. As your employees share links to their social connections these people will in turn share the links also, it's a sure fire way of attracting interest and by measuring site activity - you do measure and monitor activity on your website don't you - you'll be able to see which channels (facebook, twitter etc) are the most effective.

If you do nothing else with social media with respect to recruitment, do this, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Social Feeds

A very simple way to use social media is to feed links to your job adverts into your social accounts. Setting full automation aside - that's for another day - a great tool for doing this is Hootsuite. One Hootsuite update can be pinged out to all your social media accounts and so long as you make sure it's correctly tagged (for twitter anyway) its reach might surprise you.

For example, let's say you're an HR specialist in Aberdeen (hello Claire) login to your twitter account and search for tweets using the hashtag #aberdeenjobs. Add the hashtag #oilandgas and you'll see even more. Of course this works for other areas too, terms and conditions apply, your home is at risk blah blah blah.

In short simply putting yourself out there might bring results, after all, there is a recession on, jobs are in short supply!

Use Facebook

Facebook might not immediately spring out as a business tool or environment for business activity. Wrong! Facebook is where people hang out and as most businesses need people it makes sense to be on Facebook.

Some businesses create dedicated recruitment pages, like this one created by UPS, which has over 55k likes! Others such as our client Sureclean use it as tool for communicating what a great place Sureclean is to work which in turn attracts people looking for work! See what we did there?

Use Twitter

Twitter is an amazing tool and it's very easy to engage with people who are interested in what you're interested in using hashtags. I gave an example above of how hashtags can increase the reach of your tweets but that's not all. Using hashtags and broad searches you can find and join conversations and therefore find people and groups who might be just the kind of people you're looking for. Of course this is a proactive approach to recruitment but when you're looking for a particular skill set it's surely worth taking the time to do this.

Let's say for example you were a company who operated maritime services - I don't know why I picked this, it just sprang to mind. Searching twitter using the #RNLI hashtag would surely help you locate people with the appropriate training for your job offerings, wouldn't it? If not you could try any number of other searches but you get the idea. Investing a little time might be time well spent.

Use LinkedIn

Linked in offers several approaches to attracting and finding the right people to fill your empty desks. You can simply post job adverts for a fee and that's the job done. However they also have LinkedIn Recruiter and you can find out all about that here.

Just Lug In

Using tools such as Google Alerts you can sit back, relax and wait for Google to email you information about conversations across most social platforms that might provide a valuable lead. Google Alerts listens to the web, including social platforms, and sends you information and links to things that match your Alerts settings. It's a great way of finding people you might not otherwise have found.

Give It A Go

This post has touched on several techniques you can use for using social media as part of your recruitment drive. There's a ton of research on-line if you want some further reading but simply spending some time figuring out what you're trying to achieve then employing some of the tactics in this article will set you in the right direction. Once you're up and running you'll find lots of other useful techniques and who knows, you might even write a useful article on using social media for recruitment yourself!

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