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Thursday, 04 July 2013

It's a Crying Shame, Could It Happen To You?

I'm just off the phone with a potential client. The conversation was difficult because they had "invested" in cheap SEO, the sort that builds spammy links using low cost overseas link builders and this is the result of that work.

When SEO Goes Wrong

You don't have to be a genius or understand SEO to recognise this graph as being less than optimal. Their SEO company have basically killed their site by building spammy links from anywhere they could find, I'd love to show you the links but it wouldn't be fair to let you know who the company are. The bottom line is their business has been delivered a potentially fatal blow because of this search work. Well, when I say search work I mean horrible spammy, scammy site killing trash, but you knew that.

Now onto the purpose of this short post. If you're employing an SEO company, or perhaps your web design guys do this for you, and you know you haven't got any content other than sales stuff telling the world how great you are then they will be building trashy links to your site which will, sooner or later, kill it. You see nobody links to pages that are simple sales pitch type pages, nobody. if your site doesn't offer something of value your only options are the kinds of links that killed the site above.

So, ask yourself the question, how are my SEO company link building for me and if all this is making no sense and you didn't even know links to your site help it to rank in the search engines then the link above will clarify things.

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