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Monday, 15 July 2013

How To Make Sure Your New Business Succeeds On-line!

We frequently get calls or emails from new business owners that go something like this, "Our new website doesn't generate any business from Google, we need to fix this and we need to be number one when people search for what we offer, we're a small new start business so obviously we haven't got much money.". Does anyone see the flaw in their business plan?

First off lets get one thing out of the way, if you sell blue widgets and you only sell them to people who live in Clatt, and you only want to be found in Google when people search for blue widgets Clatt you're going to be fine, don't bother reading on. If however you're not a purveyor of finest blue widgets from your corporate headquarters in Clatt it might be worth sticking around.

Still here? Good, then here's another example. Let's say you've spent all your money building a website offering serviced apartments. Let's say you've negotiated with serviced apartment owners in London and every time a booking's made through your website you make a nice commission. Perfect, all you need is traffic and you're in clover. Does anyone see the fatal flaw in this business plan? Yup, there are already a number of well established websites offering serviced apartments in London and they're enjoying their search engine rankings and the money they generate, and they're working hard to make sure they keep them. This doesn't really align very effectively with the "we're a new business with no money for marketing" line does it.

However obvious it might be, having read the above, that building a great website is pointless unless you've got the budget to either buy traffic using pay per click or earn it by building great organic rankings, new start businesses are doing this every day. But not you, you're reading this, you're going to be OK.

For me the first thing you should do if you're planning your new business around securing traffic from Google is to understand the search landscape for your products or services. This means understanding what people who might buy from you search for, this is known as keyword research, understanding what it might cost to buy a position in Google's sponsored listings for these search phrases, pay per click, and last but not least understanding who currently ranks for these phrases and how they've achieved that.

However unfair you might think it that a website that looks awful is number one for your money making key phrase while your shiny new site is on page 5, bumping your gums won't help, nobody's listening, least of all Google.

So, before your web design company plots the first pixel of your new website you should have a clear understanding, and ring fenced budget, of how you're going to generate website traffic. There's no point leaving this till the site's built and the money's spent.

Of course, you might have a Baldrick style cunning plan up your sleeve, a stunt so devilishly clever everyone this side of the Andromeda Galaxy will know about your business the minute your website goes live, but that's not likely.

The bottom line is if you're hoping to secure traffic from Google by having great search rankings (and if you're not sure how to do that this might help) then develop a detailed understanding of what you're up against right at the start of your odyssey. You'll be glad you did and if you need some help with that well, our phone number's at the top of the page.

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