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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Are Your SEO Efforts Human or Chimp Based?

I'm reading a fabulous book called The Chimp Paradox (thanks Trev). If, like me, you've ever despaired at your behaviour at times this book reveals all, it's a real gem, maybe even a game changer, for me at least.


Along with providing me with an insightful look at my own behaviour the book's got me thinking about SEO and the way people approach it. At the risk of massively over simplifying the concepts in the book it explains how we have "two brains", a human brain and a Chimp brain. This assertion is based on biological facts not some self help mumbo jumbo and if you want to know more grab the book.

Stop Being Emotional About SEO

In essence our human brain is rational, logical, dare I say sensible, while our Chimp brain is emotional. We need our Chimp brain but it's dangerous if it's in control.

Think about the last time someone did something bad to you while driving, if you shrugged your shoulders and mumbled something like, 'crikey, that was unreasonable' your human brain was in charge, if you started to rant and gesticulate and held onto the anger for a while afterwards your Chimp brain was the boss. I'm not doing it justice here but I'm sure you get the idea.

Chimp Thinking Will Kill Your Website

So onto SEO. Here at Red Evolution we offer web design, web development and search marketing services so we speak to businesses about pretty much everything digital. Without doubt the area of digital business that confuses most people is search marketing or being at the top of Google as many refer to it.

Although the concepts of search marketing are simple many people still struggle with it and it's just possible, based on my new found knowledge, that the reason for this is where search is concerned people's Chimp brains take control.

As I've already said Chimp brains are emotional, human brains logical and rational so tell me something, is it rational to expect Google to rank a web page just because you think they should? Obviously no, but that's pretty much what many people expect hence my view their Chimp brains are ruling the roost where search is concerned.

Think Logically, Tame Your Chimp

Google ranks web pages automatically. To help the process they analyse pages and what others think about those pages. For example if people are discussing a page in a social media channel or referring to it by linking from a page on another website Google figures the page must be important and tada! it appears in search results. That's it in a nutshell.

As a website owner you need to think about how you can encourage people to mention your content and link to it. A page of sales info is rarely going to cut it, expecting people to talk about this kind of content is not logical or rational, it's Chimp based thinking.

If you'd like us to tame your inner Chimp and help you create a website that people will talk about get in touch.

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